Fair Trade School

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We were delighted to become a Fairtrade School in March of 2017.
The Fair Trade Movement is an international organisation which ensures that farmers and other producers in Developing Countries receive a fair price for their produce.
The most common everyday products which are available with the Fair Trade logo are certain bands of Tea and Coffee, Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Bananas. However, it also includes items like Fair Trade basketballs and footballs.

The Fair Trade campaign is one which spans many subjects in school, including Geography, C.S.P.E., English, Art, Business Studies and R.S.E..
Students in St. John Bosco CC undertook numerous activities in order to achieve our goal, including studying the Fair Trade issue in various classes, including Geography,  launching a Poster Campaign, and holding 3 different Fair Trade Bake Sales.

Other work included a Fairtrade Soccer Blitz, making a Fairtrade Art Banner, writing Fairtrade Poems, carrying out a survey of local Supermarkets, adding Fairtrade Tea & Coffee in our Staffroom, Fairtrade Chocolate in the School Tuck Shop, and many other activities.


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“St. John Bosco CC; A Fairtrade School.”

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