Green Schools

compass and a map

Our School has been working very hard in recent years to promote St. John Bosco’s as a Green School. Environmental issues are an important part of the Geography syllabus.

Our School has a very dedicated Green School Committee, made up of students, teachers and Caretaking staff.

2016 has seen our school receive its 3rd Flag!

Mayor of Clare, Bill Chambers, attended St. John Bosco Community College on Thursday, to officially raise the 3rd Green flag.  The theme for the 3rd green flag is “Water” and over the past year the green school committee worked hard to raise awareness on water conservation as well as undertaking practical actions to reduce water usage in the school.After an inspection from the Environmental officer, in Clare County Council, the College were delighted to attend an awards ceremony in the Radisson Hotel Galway last May to accept their 3rd green flag.
Also in attendance was Róisín Garvey, from Clare County Council, who met with the committee to discuss initiatives they will undertake for the “Travel” flag- that’s Flag 4.

Work has already begun on studying how all students and staff at the school travel to School each day.